Thursday, 3 November 2016


I recently learned that I’m part of the global group they call Millennials and while it’s a ridiculous name for a cult, somehow we’re all struggling with very similar problems. Although in completely different geographies, different political situations, and climates, the millennials all seem to be running behind something, using a similar driving force, but no one understands what.

Some are broke but looking for their passion because there’s no other way they want to live their life, and some want to keep their high-paying jobs even though they have no life left outside of work. Most are jumping jobs to find the right balance in their life, but how do you decide when you don’t know what you want?

Everyone wants to travel and find themselves in the midst of concrete high rises and narrow bays of congested cubicles. Daydreaming about that one vacation you could take on an upcoming long weekend while taking a break from replying to a million useless emails. Life is nothing but a constant struggle between reminders for bill payments and finding time to read a book you ordered online weeks ago.

From wanting to become someone to cribbing about not finding our calling, we have been sucked into the rat race. We’re now so far away from our own goals, it’s easier to laugh about things we haven’t achieved. Everyone jokes about how much of a hell their life is but no one wants to change it.

Surviving on a few hours of sleep, random eating habits, and compulsive partying on the weekends to blow off the week’s steam is pretty much every one of us perfectly knowing none of this is helping. With one of the worst working cultures, our country proudly boasts about being efficient round the clock.

Is it time to take a pause and think about where we’re going from here? Is it time to take control of our lives and reclaim what is ours? Is it high time to break away from the new form of slavery we’ve accepted as the road to success?

Monday, 24 March 2014

Welcome to the Stadium !

For all the sports enthusiast here comes a bar which give u the feel of the stadium –SPORTS BAR. 

Scream & Cheer for your favorite team whether your passion be Cricket, Football, Hockey, Basketball, or more. 
It will also host once in awhile, live musical acts. SPORTS BAR echoes a modern sports bar atmosphere coupled with an upscale ambiance that appeals to Mumbai-ites that live a fashionably sporty lifestyle.
Stadium`s food menu is a riot of cocktails, mocktails, Snacks and Appetizers.Cuisine would include Mexican ,Italian,etc.

Long Island Iced Tea
Mocktails & Cocktails
Pizza Nachoz
Venue Type: 
Afterwork / Happy Hour,Lounge,Sports Bar
Music :
Hip-Hop, Rock
Ambience :
SPORTS BAR  promises 4000sq ft area equipped with 25 TVs & 1  Large LED for the feel of the game. If you tire of televised games, try your hand at pool, snooker, biliardino.  

 Guests can choose from plush banquette seating, bar stools, and high-top tables filling out the rest of the space—all with perfect view.  
Bar area
shopping for your favorite team

IPL fever
Badminton fever
Hockey madness 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sporting passion

Sports are a very big passion of mine because I love the energy I get when I play them; especially volleyball, basketball and badminton. Sports are my life, I eat, sleep breath, Sports. I feel like this passion of mine has guided and helped me through bad habits that other teens my age go through such as doing badly in school, dropping out of school and doing drugs, it’s kept me on the right track in life. When life gets tough and I wondered if it was worth continuing the love of competition has brought me back on my feet. The adrenalin I get when I am on the court is so strong; it makes me want to push myself to be the best that I can be. My friends have guided me, helped me, and most importantly picked me up when I fall. They are always there for me when I need them to be, and I cannot thank them enough because they support me. All of my friends are role models to me and I look up to them. My friends push me when I cannot and help me to be a better version of myself. My friends have helped me more than they probable know, and because of that I will always be grateful towards them and will always have a passion for them.
My most important passion of all is my family, especially my parents. They raised me and made me the way I am and for that I must also thank them. They raised a daughter that I hope their proud of because I do my very best just to make them proud. I owe everything to them, they are the reason that I am here today. I love them and I will always love them.
I am very passionate about these things, they mean a lot to me and I do not want anything to change that. These are the things that I live for.....